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Build Your Company Store

To begin building your Company Store, log into the ESP Websites Admin and click on the Start button.

Set Up Your Site

In Section A, Set Up Your Site, you can create your site address (domain name) and site. Do not include spaces, "www." or ".com" in the site address.

Upload Your Logo

In Section B, Upload Your Logo, add your company logo by clicking the "browse" button in the "Upload Company Logo" section.

If you do not have a company logo, type your company name into the last field in this section. A preview of your typeset logo will appear in the Logo Preview window on the right.

Company Info

In Section C, Company Info, enter company information such as your Company name, address, and contact information.

Enter Your Company Info

Use the dropdown to select an address or enter your information, and then use the checkboxes to select which information you would like to display live on your site.

  • Note: You must enter a phone number and email, even if you choose not to display them on your site

You are also able to add links to your company's social networking site.

To make further customizations to your site before launching it, click on the Next Step button.

Select a Template & Color

In Section D, Select a Template & Color, select the site layout you would like to use. Hovering on a color swatch will display a small thumbnail example of the color scheme. You can also use the Narrow Template Selection to view only templates which meet your needs.

Choose Your Font

In Section E, Choose Your Font, use the Font dropdown to select the font style you would like to use on your site.

Advanced Options

In Section F, Advanced Options, set up Product Collects, and enable a Newsletter Signup on your company store. Click on the section heading to expand it. Use the available options for each feature to make your selections.

Note: You must select at least one Product Collection to display on your Company Store home page.

Click on the Last Step button to add the finishing touches to your site.

Introductory Text and About Us Page

In Section G, Introductory Text and About Us Page, you can enter a headline and introductory text for your site. Introductory text is the content displayed on the homepage of your site. Your site is pre-built with an About Us page, edit the text in Section G "About Us Page" in the text box provided.

Video Page

In Section H, Video Page, you can enhance your store by adding customer-friendly videos selected by ASI that are dedicated to the promotional products industry. ASI will select customer-friendly information to display on this page.

When you have completed the site builder steps, click on the Preview Site button.

A preview of your site will open. In the upper right corner of the preview, there is the Publish button. The Publish button will make your site available to the world.


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