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ESP Websites - Pages & Menus - Banners

Learn how add/edit and create banners for your ESPWebsite

After logging into the ESP Website admin, locate your site and click on the Edit button.

Click on the plus button to expand Pages & Menus and then click on Banners.

Note: To close the menu, click on the minus button.

Banner Options

The Banners area enables you to select from three options:

  • I don't want to select banners. Let the system select for me.
  • I want banners only from my preferred suppliers. Let the system select for me.
  • I want to choose the banners that appear on my site.

If you select the third option, "I want to choose the banners that appear on my site", you will be able to select and organize the banners that will be displayed on your site. Then, drag and drop banners from the Available Banners area into the Banner Loader.

  • Note: Banners may take up to 10 minutes to display on your site once added to the Banner Loader.

Large and Small Banners

After selecting "I want to choose the banners that appear on my site" you have the option to choose a Large Banner or a Small Banner.

esp websites banners

What's the difference? The small banner is 110 pixels shorter than the large banner. If you're interested in keeping your content close to the top of the page, but still want to display banners, this is a good option for you!

  • Large Banner: 914 pixels wide x 218 pixels high
  • Small Banner: 914 pixels wide x 108 pixels high

The maximum file size for banners is 150kb

After you've selected whether or not you want to display a large banner or a smaller banner, and you don't have any banners of your own, you can select and/or rearrange the banners available.

You will see the following options:

  • Company Banners
  • Personal Shared Banners
  • Personal Banners
  • ASI Banners

Selecting a Preloaded Banner

To add your banners to the Banner Loader, all you have to do is click on the banner and drag it from the list of Available Banners into the Banner Loader. After you have added up to four banners, you can re-order them in the banner loader. There are two ways to do this:

  • Drag and drop the banners into order by clicking on the plus symbol (located in the upper left corner of that banner)
  • Click on a banner and then use the up/down arrows to move it to the desired position

To remove a banner from the banner loader, click on the banner and select remove.

esp websites banners

Upload/Create Your Own

To upload custom banners, scroll down to the banner upload area. Then, select the banner size and click on the Browse button.

Browse your computer and locate the image you would like to use. Select it and click on the Open button.

esp websites banners

Select A Level

esp websites banners

After you upload your image and select your level, you will need to set up the Click-Through-Destination for this banner.

Banner Linking

Product Detail Page

This option enables you to link to the product detail page of an individual product. To link the banner to a product detail page, the product will need to be on your Clipboard. Select the "Product Detail Page" dropdown and choose the product.

esp websites banners

For help on the fly, hover over the information icon next to each dropdown.


This option enables you to link your banner directly to a Select-A-Search. You can select from your already created Select-A-Searches or create one in this area.

Select-A-Searches are links to already established searches. This link acts as a shortcut for your customers to click on and access products without having to search.

esp websites banners

If you don't see the select-a-search you're looking for in the dropdown menu, hover over the information icon next to the dropdown.

Click on Add in the Action area to finish this banner.


This option enables you to type or paste a URL for your banner to be directed to. Just select URL and type the web address (ex: Click on Add in the Action area to finish this banner.

esp websites banners

Finished Linking

After you have finished setting up your banner, it will be appear in the Available Banners area. When you are ready to post your banner, drag and drop into the Banner Loader.


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